17 September 2003

Preview : LOTR Return Of the King (December 2003)

Filem yang dinanti-nantikan peminat LOTR. I just can't wait to watch this final movie chapter. Understood the total budget of this film is about USD190 million making it the most expensive film ever produced! LOTR is an adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy trilogy.

Secara ringkasnya, mengisahkan sambungan dari episod sebelumnya iaitu Fellowship of The Rings (part 1) & The Two Towers (part 2), Frodo dan Sam meneruskan perjalanan mereka bersama-sama Gollum menuju ke Mordor dengan satu tujuan - to destroy the evil ring. "Gandalf" returns and defeats the evil "Saruman". The cool warrior Aragorn, revealed to be the lost King of Gondor, travels to Minis Tirith with the remaining members of the fellowship to rescue the ancient city from Sauron's grasp.

For those yang masih belum (atau baru terfikir) untuk tonton this cool movies, you guys should then quickly run to the DVD/CD shops nearest and grab them not just one but two. Don't miss it, as the third (final) chapter is about to return!! Get set.. Ok Go!

**Pre-rating: A+** hahaha!

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